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Due to organised allegations’ of abuse along with threats being posted onto Social Media networks and received personally by team members, Paws for Thought Dog Display Team feel the need to issue this statement. We cannot go into details concerning the allegations being spread as the information has been handed over to the teams Solicitor and the Police for investigation, we do not wish to interfere with these investigations. We can say however, that all dogs in the display team are first and foremost pets, a number of which having been rescued from horrendous situations and would have been euthanized without intervention.    The health and wellbeing of all the dogs is of paramount importance to team members as all the dogs are much loved pets.   They live as family members and no expense is spared on their health either physical or mental. When Paws for Thought undertake a display a risk assessment is undertaken at every show prior to the display to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of both the handler and dog, during the course of extreme weather regular assessments are made and advice given to the show organisers. At the show in question a request was made to undertake only one display instead of two because of the heat, but as this was a contractual agreement, after lengthy discussions with the show organisers, it was agreed to provide two shorter displays. In order to keep the dogs cool, “cool coats” were worn by most throughout the day and only removed immediately prior to the display or when the dogs were taken to the local river and this occurred several times during the day. At no time were they placed in any danger as dogs and handlers are highly trained and loved too much. As a team we welcome logical and constructive criticism and will also take on board reasoned comments and constantly look at and change elements of the display.  Much of what has been said has been said by people who did not see the display in its entirety, which is known for its use of rescues and unwanted dogs along with a light hearted humour commentary. We have taken this very serious, and note what has been said and as always will look at the display content, the use of controlled fire jumps is very popular and undertaken by most display teams and thoroughly loved by the majority of the public and to this end we will leave the decisions on these allegations to the many thousands of people who have enjoyed our displays for over 30 years.  We will not enter into any dialogue whatsoever concerning this statement